Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You query an agent based on their ‪#‎MSWL‬ (Manuscript Wish List) and you get a rejection--my perspective on what the agent was thinking and how to turn this lemon into lemonade

So let me give you a little of what the agent was thinking and what positive reaction you
can have from this....

1) Agent was thinking he wants a certain book but although in your mind it is a perfect fit, in his mind he is looking for a certain voice/character/plot that is not the same as the ms you sent him, OR

2) (and this is hard to hear) perhaps your concept/writing/first pages are not as strong as you think they are.

You have a couple of choices...

1)you can keep querying if you believe you have made the query and pages the best they can be, OR

2)you can take this as sign that is time to relook and re-evaluate your concept, then your characters, then your voice, then your plot, and finally...the way your words form together on the page.

If you want to learn more, a discussion about this topic is happening right now in the A PATH TO PUBLISHING Facebook Group. 

Come on over and join the conversation!

The A PATH TO PUBLISHING Facebook Group. was created by Literary Agent Jill Corcoran and Plot Expert Martha Alderson as safe, smart, fun alcove for writers and illustrators to share and learn about the craft of writing and the book biz. This is NOT a place to sell your books but a hopefully wonderful place for us all to advance our skills, our creativity, and our dreams.

A PATH TO PUBLISHING's goal is ensure authors and illustrators understand concept, plotting, character development, scene development, action and emotional arc development, as well has how to pitch your work to agents, editors, and readers.

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