Friday, April 20, 2012

How I met my Writing Village at SCBWI Summer Conference!

In August 2008 (way before I was an agent), I went to the SCBWI National Conference in LA. I met a slew of wonderful people. In fact, every time I go to an SCBWI event, especially the 4-day lo
ng LA conference, I make new, wonderful friends. But, usually I go home and lose touch with the people I've met. Not this time. I spent a good deal of the conference with 6 women- learning, eating, drinking, and eating some more. If it was any other year, I would have occasionally emailed these women over the next month or two and eventually we would have lost touch. But that year, I told my posse about Google Groups (thanks to Paula Woo!) and so was born RockSugarBeets--named after a couple of yummy restaurants we went to during the conference. I don't think a day goes by that the RockSugarBeets are not in contact. This is not a critique group. There is no stated purpose. RockSugarBeets is my village.RockSugarBeets: Me, Amber Lough, Cindy Pon, Jacqui Robbins, Sara Lewis Holmes, Elise Murphy, Debbie Friedman.

Come to the conference to learn but also make sure to hang in the lobby---you never know if your newest best buddy will be there waiting for you:)

I'll be at the conference this year on faculty---Come meet me! For more info on this summer's SCBWI Conference click HERE 


  1. SCBWI is the mainstay of my writing community, too.((Thanks for letting me use your shampoo that time...:0)

  2. ...and my very first conference is where I met Collyn, one of my very best friends, and YOU! Yes indeed. Some of the best people around! (And hi Kathleen!)

    Lori S


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