Monday, June 25, 2012


I have a wide interests in books, as you can probably tell by the sales I have made. I am still very much interested in signing MG writers, in fact, I just signed the funniest MG writer I know, Bart King. But what I really want to find are more ROMANCE WRITERS WHO CAN WRITE AUTHENTIC TEEN!

Not goofy, silly chic-lit with no underlying heart/intelligence/soul but full-fleshed, make me laugh/cry/yearn/scream ROMANCE.

Contemporary, mystery, thriller, paranormal, historical, sci-fi.....doesn't matter---it is about characters--soul-searching, groin-yearning, heart thumping, heart breaking, fast paced, laugh out loud, cry out loud, make me want to be your character ROMANCE!
But here is the thing....
The writing has to be authentic teen. 
The voice has to be knock me out of my chair original. 
The plotting, cinematic
The protagonist, a person that I believe is real and who I wish was in my life yet they are flawed and f-up sometimes and well, are human.
The villains, I want to freak'n pound them into oblivion even though I understand where they are coming from and their underlying emotional wound.
The writing has to sweep me up in the story so that I do not even remember that I am sitting in a chair and not actually living and breathing along with your characters, in their world.
Please send your query plus the first 10 pages of your manuscript pasted into the body of your email to:

All queries sent to my Herman Agency email address will be deleted. 

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  1. Are you accepting queries for manuscripts with male POVs? I know you have mentioned before that you would prefer female POV. (One with real teen boys - no special powers or anything, just emotions.)

  2. Are you accepting queries for manuscripts written from male POVs? I know you mentioned before you were interested in female POV. (If teen boys are realistic - no special powers or anything, just emotions.)

  3. Question: if I have a novel already contracted with a publisher, but the sequel is not, would an agent still represent the sequel, knowing the publisher will most likely pick it up? Is it smart to still hunt for an agent even after I already have a signed contract (for book 1) without one?

  4. Yes I am, but it has to be guy authentic!

  5. Halli, that is the perfect time to look for an agent since you are in the catbird seat. Only sub to agents you really want to work with and that love your writing, not just the easy sale you are handing them.

  6. Paranormal, are you over that? If not currently polishing a paranormal romance mashed with Greek Myth protagonist is a biracial female.

  7. Would you be open to a picture book submission at this time?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I'm working on a submission. What is your time frame? My current plan is to finalize and send to you by the end of June at the latest. Take care and have a good weekend.

  10. Heather, there is no timeframe. When it is ready I'd love to take a look.

  11. Can you share a couple of your favorite YA romance writers/titles (with cinematic plotting) to give us a feel for what type of writing blows you away?

  12. Can you give us some examples of romance novels you have enjoyed? I'm reading, "I'm not Her," by Janet Gurtler right now and really loving it. Are you classifying her as a romance novelist?

  13. I wish 'Sugar' was ready. It is right up this particular alley. I will send it to you asap as promised at the scbwi Sydney conference. A



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