Sunday, November 13, 2011


Jacqui Robbins is not only one of the Grand Poupas of my writing village, a perennial conference roomy and a fab wife and mother, but Jacqui Robbins KNOWS SHE IS A WRITER.

In the flurry of our daily lives, many of us forget that we are writers. We forget to write. We tell ourselves we are too busy, too needed by others, too tired, frustrated, blocked, etc, etc, etc.

Perhaps you have a manuscript on your computer, a book or two on the shelves of B&N, or in Jacqui's case, 5 million copies of THE NEW GIRL AND ME distributed in Cheerios boxes throughout the country plus a copy or three sitting on bookstore shelves next to two or three copies of TWO OF A KIND. If you are writing, you are a writer and you owe it to yourself and your readers to put pen to paper and share your gift.

My advice.....follow Jacqui's lead. To do this, you must click on the following link and read Jacqui's WORKING IS IN PROGRESS.

OK, you read it? Great. Now turn off your Explorer, your Firefox, your Safari. Open up Word or Pages and get back to writing.

See you 1,000+ written words from now:)
This is a repost from March 2010. I love Jacqui's poem and I think it should be the NaNo anthem.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


art by J Beth Jepson

DARE TO DREAM...CHANGE THE WORLD, Kane Miller, Fall 2012 seeks to inform, inspire, ignite middle graders to imagine, persevere and to act.

This collection of work by 30 amazing poets pairs biographical and inspirational poems focusing on persons who invented something, stood for something, said something that defied the naysayers and not only changed their lives but the lives of people all over the world.

The poets themselves were chosen not only for their superb talent but because they too have informed, inspired, and ignited young people throughout their careers with their actions and with their words.

As I put the final touches on the manuscript and excitedly anticipate artist/illustrator J Beth Jepson artistic interpretation of the collection, I am excited to reveal the names of the poets of DARE TO DREAM:
  • Alan Katz
  • Alice Schertle
  • Bruce Coville
  • Carol Tanzman
  • Curtis Crisler
  • David L. Harrison
  • Denise Lewis Patrick
  • Elaine Magliaro
  • Ellen Hopkins
  • Georgia Heard
  • Hope Anita Smith
  • Hope Vestergaard
  • J. Patrick Lewis
  • Jacqui Robbins
  • Jane Yolen
  • Janet Wong
  • Jill Corcoran
  • Joan Bransfield Graham
  • Joyce Lee Wong
  • Joyce Sidman
  • Julia Durango
  • Kelly Ramsdell Fineman
  • Laura Purdie Salas
  • Lee Bennett Hopkins
  • Lisa Wheeler
  • Marilyn Singer
  • Rebecca Kai Dotlich
  • Rose Horowitz
  • Stephanie Hemphill
  • Tracie Vaughn Zimmer


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