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I am thrilled to announce the sale of Denise Lewis Patrick’s YA LIFE GETS TWISTED to Andrew Karre at Carolrhoda Lab to be published in 2013!

Here is the Publisher’s Market announcement:
Denise Lewis Patrick’s LIFE GETS TWISTED pitched as the THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET  twisted with the Southern African-American experience unearthing the raw reality of prejudice, courage, perseverance and love to Andrew Karre at Carolrhoda Lab by Jill Corcoran at The Herman Agency (NA).

LIFE GETS TWISTED is an important book, a book every teen needs to read. I truly believe LIFE GETS TWISTED will become part of the canon of American literature.

LIFE GETS TWISTED immerses the reader in the Southern African-American experience in much the way THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET shared the inner-city Hispanic experience . LIFE GETS TWISTED's stories are linked by the raw reality of prejudice, courage, perseverance and love. In our world where the color of your skin/religion/sexual orientation/etc unfortunately still matters, LIFE GETS TWISTED does not preach, does not pontificate, it presents and lets the reader absorb, consider and perhaps even act.

As Denise puts it:

I grew up in Louisiana during the 1960’s and very early 1970’s. These years were tumultuous enough for my generation, but I was raised by and around Afro-African-black Americans who came of age during the Depression and the decades before; my Great-great grandmother on one side (whom I knew) was born the year that the Civil War ended, and my father’s grandmother was a slave as a child. 

 Yes, this is a rich heritage. It’s a complicated heritage.  If I were to write about my life, my memoirs, I would actually be writing the stories of all of these people before me. Their truths are mine.  These  stories span the same time frame that my personal experience does.  They are fiction, but they possess a reality only known to people of color in this country.

 I want everyone to know.  

Denise Lewis Patrick is the author of over 35 books for children. Here is just a sampling of her published work:

Current Projects

Henry Holt, Fall 2012
Finding Someplace

American Girl, Fall 2011
Meet Cécile
Troubles For Cécile
Cécile’s Gift


Picture Books
Ma Dear’s Old Green House (Just Us) ’04
Red Dancing Shoes (paper, Mulberry) ’98
Shaina’s Garden, Case of the Missing Cookies (Adaptations, Aladdin) ’96
See What I Can Do, I Can Count, No Diapers For Baby (Golden/Essence) ’96
I Can See a Rainbow (SRA/Macmillan)’95
The Car Washing Street (Tambourine) ’94
Red Dancing Shoes (Tambourine) ’93
Goodnight, Baby (Golden) ’93
The Jungle Book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Adaptations, Golden) ’92

Middle Grade Novels
The Longest Ride (Henry Holt) ’99
The Adventures of Midnight Son (Henry Holt) ’97

Jackie Robinson: Strong Inside and Out (HarperCollins) ’05
John and Abigail Adams  (Harcourt) ’03
A Lesson for Martin Luther King, Jr. (Aladdin) ’03


“word from the wise” (Dare to Dream…Change the World, Kane Miller, 2012)
Inside the Rubble,” (Mobius, The Poetry Magazine, 28th Anniversary Edition, 2010)
These Trees,” “Bridge Crossing,” “On the Road, Louisiana” (Mobius, The Poetry Magazine, September ‘06)

CONGRATS, DENISE and ANDREW! The two of you make an incredible team.

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