Friday, September 17, 2010

Janet Gurtler- The Weight of Bones....COVER!!!


Hitting bookshelves April, 2011!

Click on the link below to read more about the cover, and the wonderful Janet Gurtler + her new Sourcebooks Fire editor Leah  Hultenschmidt:

Janet Gurtler- The Weight of Bones....COVER!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I met Martha Alderson, AKA PLOT WHISPERER, at an SCBWI Retreat where we both spoke. Her easy-to-understand, unbelievably helpful talk on HOW TO PLOT won me over. When I found out she was looking for an agent for her non-fiction PLOT books as well as her Middle Grade Novel, I was thrilled. Not only is Martha an amazing person--very Zen is how I would best describe her, but I am a huge fan of her plot teachings and of her writing.

Martha is offering FREE plot advice via youtube videos. So far 4 are up and there are many more to come. Click on the link below and learn, enjoy, write!
YouTube - marthaalderson's Channel

Check them out at link above or here: BEFORE YOU QUERY ME, WATCH THESE (FREE) VIDEOS!
Start at the bottom and watch all 27 videos. Then go back to your novel and revise. You won't believe how much your ms will improve and how much you will grow as a writer. These videos are an amazing gift for all of us. Enjoy!

Also, look for THE PLOT WHISPERER on bookshelves or e-shelves pubbing from Adams Media Fall, 2011.


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