Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Happy Holidays. Here are three fantastic must-read posts that are like holiday gifts for us all.

First up: Jim Macdonald's HOW TO GET PUBLISHED

Second: Mandy Hubbard's ON LEARNING, GROWING....AND SURVIVING...

Third: Natalie Whipple's WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT IS YOU

Check out HOLIDAY STEW on Google Books---and buy from your favorite indie

PLUS,  just posted on Publisher's Marketplace:
Scholastic Names Trends in Children's Books for 2010
Drawing on their experience distributing books from all children's publishers through their school book clubs and book fairs, Scholastic's editors created a list of  ten trends from the year in children's books. President of Scholastic Book Clubs Judy Newman remarks in the release, "We've seen some exciting innovation in children's publishing in 2010, including new formats and platforms for storytelling that are helping more and more kids become book lovers. At the same time, we're seeing a rejuvenation of some classic genres, which I think is evidence of the timeless power that stories and characters have on the lives of children."

1. The expanding Young Adult audience
2. The year of dystopian fiction
3. Mythology-based fantasy (Percy Jackson followed by series like The Kane Chronicles, Lost Heroes of Olympus and Goddess Girls)
4. Multimedia series (The 39 Clues, Skeleton Creek, The Search for WondLa)
5. A focus on popular characters - from all media
6. The shift to 25 to 30 percent fewer new picture books, with characters like Pinkalicious, Splat Cat and Brown Bear, Brown Bear showing up in Beginning Reader books
7. The return to humor
8. The rise of the diary and journal format (The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dear Dumb Diary, Dork Diaries, The Popularity Papers, and Big Nate)
9. Special-needs protagonists
10. Paranormal romance beyond vampires (Linger and Linger, Beautiful Creatures, Immortal, and Prophesy of the Sisters)


  1. What an interesting list. And that post from Natalie, REALLY powerful stuff.

  2. This is great information. Thanks!

  3. LOL, hey Scholastic, I've got a YA paranormal romance beyond vampires!

    Hint, hint!

    Thanks for the links!

  4. Love that list from Scholastic! Some of those I'd noticed (dystopians are hot? really? LOL) but others I hadn't (reduction in PBs = sad me). And Natalie's post was amazing. I hadn't seen the others, though, so thanks for posting such helpful and heartening links!

  5. Your entry contained great info, and Natalie Whipple really bared her soul. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for the very informative post and links!

  7. Thank you for showing "Holiday Stew" on your blog, Jill! I really appreciate it. I hear it makes a great teacher gift! :-) I want to get classroom posters made from some of the pages. If your readers have any suggestions on where to get that done, please let me know. Thanks so much!! Happy Holidays!

  8. Thanks for the great links, Jill! I especially liked the trend list from Scholastic. It's good to know what's selling and what isn't. I hope adventure and horror become more popular...

  9. Scholastic certainly knows books and trends, thanks for an informative post.



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