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Kelly Milner Halls, eds.'s GIRL MEETS BOY, twelve original "he said/she said" paired stories written just for this collection by Joseph Bruchac, Chris Cruther, Terry Davis, Rebecca Fjelland Davis, Kelly Milner Halls, James Howe, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Randy Powell, Sara Ryan, Terry Trueman, Rita Williams-Garcia, and Ellen Wittlinger, to Kelli Chipponeri at Chronicle, for publication in Spring 2012.

Whoa--let's slow this down and look at this line-up of talent: 

Joseph Bruchac
Chris Cruther
Terry Davis
Rebecca Fjelland Davis
Kelly Milner Halls
James Howe
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Randy Powell
Sara Ryan
Terry Trueman
Rita Williams-Garcia
Ellen Wittlinger

I met Kelly Milner Halls on Sept 10th of this year when we were both speakers at the SCBWI Boise Conference--yes, just one month ago. In fact, Kelly tells the story of how we met and how we came to work together HERE.

I signed Kelly because I love her non-fiction work. Little did I know she had created and edited a YA anthology with some of the greatest YA writers of our time. We were sitting at the airport in Boise post-conference, waiting for our planes to board when she said....oh yeah, I have another project I think you might like GIRL MEETS BOY.

I read the collection in one night and knew editors and readers were going to gobble up this book like I did. When I read it, I felt like I was back in my Stanford days reading only the best of the best -- Grace Paley, Bernard Malamud, Flannery O'Conner, etc.-- reading short stories that do not merely visit your mind, but stay in your soul for a lifetime. These are the stories of GIRL MEETS BOY.

I am so thrilled that Kelli Chipponeri at Chronicle and I shared this vision. I got an excited email minutes after I sent Kelli the manuscript, and with the whole Chronicle team behind this fantastic anthology, "the call" shortly after. When GIRL MEETS BOY hits bookshelves, it will have an amazing team of writers, editors, art directors and one happy agent bolstering it on their shoulders!

GIRL MEETS BOY: AN ANTHOLOGY is edited by Kelly Milner Halls with Joseph Bruchac, Chris Cruther, Terry Davis, Rebecca Fjelland Davis, Kelly Milner Halls, James Howe, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Randy Powell, Sara Ryan, Terry Trueman, Rita Williams-Garcia, Ellen Wittlinger contributing original young adult stories written just for this project.

Since the dawn of human history, the gender gap has left boys and girls in near endless wonder.

"What did he mean by that?" a high school freshman wonders, after talking to her boyfriend.

"Why doesn't she understand?" her boyfriend mumbles as he walks away.

GIRL MEETS BOY, a collection of "he said/she said" short stories examines the power of perception, enlisting writing duos to tell the same story from two gender opposite points of view.  Differences are clear in each controversial tale, but so are similarities, revealing the historic chasm might just be possible to bridge.

This anthology is not for the faint of heart.  Their hands free, each author -- most YA stars in their own right -- wrote candid, sometimes shocking accounts of love, longing, stereotypes and the hope for clarity common in the young adult realm.  These stories will have teens talking -- about the book and about challenges of their own.

Though known for her many nonfiction books for young readers, including SAVING THE BAGHDAD ZOO, ALBINO ANIMALS and TALES OF THE CRYPTIDS (the last two were both YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers), Kelly Milner Halls read and heralded young adult literature for more than a decade as a book reviewer and feature writer.  Her work appeared in publications including Booklist, BookPage, Teen Reads, the Denver Post, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Washington Post and many others.


  1. Congrats to everyone! I've been waiting to hear the big news from Kelly! May many more books follow!

  2. I can't wait to read this anthology. LOVE short-story form -- you're right about the way a great story stays with you. Congratulations on this project!

  3. Looking forward to this one! Congrats, Jill.

  4. Congratulations to Kelly, and to all the authors who had the pleasure of working with her! Can't wait to see this!



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