Friday, May 14, 2010


THAT'S NOT HOW YOU PLAY SOCCER, DADDY! (Peachtree) will be featured in the June School Library Journal e-newsletter Curriculum Connections! Sherry Shahan and Tatjana Mai Wyss will be recording audio clips to accompany the piece.

From Booklist: In a reversal of the usual competitive sports message, a parent teaches his son to just have fun. At soccer practice, Coach yells, Drill! Drill! Drill! and when the team leaves, she reminds them to Practice! Practice! Practice! for the big game next week. Team captain Mikey is totally driven: We have to win, win, win! Crowds of moms and dads shout from the stands—except for Mikey's dad. He wants to have fun with his son, and the two set winning aside to roll in the grass with their puppy, a belly tickle, a belly chickle. The playful illustrations in watercolor and collage show the team playing ball and also goofing off; and the simple, rhythmic words, featuring lots of repetition, will have kids joining in. Best of all are the pictures showing the big grown-up fumbling and stumbling over the ball—and loving it. Rochman, Hazel


  1. Sherry also did a great interview on Blog Talk Radio about the story behind "Death Mountain." You can listen to it here:



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