Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ACQUISITIONS: Peeling Back the Curtain

Congrats, your book is going to acquisitions!

Um, so what does that mean?

Of course every publisher does things their own way, but here are some interesting links that peel back the curtain on the mysterious acquisitions wizard:

  1. The World of Peachtree Publishers: It Takes a Village to Acquire a Book...

  2. Little, Brown Editor Alvina Ling: Publishing by Committee

  3. Editorial Anonymous: The Seasonality of Acquisitions

  4. Editor and Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books author Harold Underdown: The Acquisitions Process

  5. The Intern: Publishing Process Part 1.5: Editorial Meetings
Illustration by the amazingly talented Margie Moore.


  1. Wow, thanks for all of those great links! I had no idea.

  2. What an incredibly difficult process it is from the first seed in a writer's imagination to actually seeing a book on a book store shelf...it reminds me of making wine.

    Planting the vines, nurturing them and hoping for the correct weather conditions. More nurturing and waiting....when finally the time is right the grapes have to be collected, washed and then pressed...then another long process takes place as the wine is left to mature...eventually to be bottled/labelled ...finally to be delivered in the stores (IF there are buyers for this batch) as a finished product. WHEW!

    That's a TRULY LONG and demanding process in order to enjoy the finished product.

    THANK YOU Ms. Corcoran for the links and making me appreciate my alcoholic beverages to an even higher degree.

  3. Jill, thanks for including my article. Now I need to check your whole list, and see if I need to update the article's resource list!

  4. Thanks, everyone. Glad I could help.



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