Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fat Vampires, Sexy Werewolves and the Future of Teen Reading - 2010-04-07 14:00:29 | Publishers Weekly

Fat Vampires, Sexy Werewolves and the Future of Teen Reading - 2010-04-07 14:00:29 | Publishers Weekly

The continuing prevalence of pale, sexy vampires (and the rise of related comic sub-genres), the growth of teen-focused dystopian fiction and the transformation of the children's publishing niche into a big advance—along with big financial pressure—publishing category, were just some of the topics covered by a panel of agents at Publishers Weekly's "Beyond Twilight: What's Hot in the Teen Market in Publishing and Hollywood."


  1. I've always wondered when someone would write about fat vamps. Can't wait for that one!

  2. Adam Rex is hilarious. I am looking forward to that one!

  3. Classic photo, and the not-so-average fat vampire is a great idea and visual. Hmm....

  4. love the new look.

    do you know if anyone took notes. Id love to read them

  5. Unfortunately,I don't write about Fat Vampires or Sexy Werewolves...HOWEVER, it seems to me that in order to keep up with the current market trends - I could make a great deal of money offering;
    1) Full body electrolysis for Werewolves wanting to meet Hollywood "Sexy Standards."
    2) My personal "Veggie Soup De-Tox Diet" which is guaranteed to enable at least 4-6 kilos weight loss in 1 week. SUPERB for overweight Vamps and has the added advantage of adding a healthy glow to a pale, lacklustre complexion.
    3) Another possibility would be to come up with a COMPLETELY NEW GENRE to kick the present one into oblivion. Perhaps electrolysis machines, scalpels, razors and dangerous objects which become POSSESSED and vent their rage on all hairy (or hormonally challenged) people on the planet...

    THANK YOU Ms.Corcoran for allowing me to vent my personal frustration with the subject of your post.

    I returned home tonight after a 3 day trip with my family... I FORGOT to take my Ladyshave AND my razor...
    Mmm...perhaps Hollywood is looking for "hormonally challenged" (hairy) females to play fat Werewolves...?



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