Monday, March 15, 2010

Poetry for Children: New Poet Autobiographies

Poetry for Children: New Poet Autobiographies

I loved reading Sylvia Vardell's poet post last Friday. As you may know from reading my blog, I, like Sylvia, "find it fascinating to learn how [poets] came to a writing career, how they approach the process of writing, and how their lives seep into their works". Two of my favorite books in this genre are SPEAKING OF POETS 1 & 2.

In Sylvia's post she speaks of two Speaking of Poets-type series for kids: the “Meet the Author” collection published by Richard C. Owen for 2-5th graders. And the newest generation of these books, the “Author at Work” collection for 5-8th graders. Four writers are featured thus far: Nikki Grimes, Jane Yolen, Ralph Fletcher, and Margaret Mooney. These are 64 page paperbacks with many of the same elements as the series for younger readers: autobiographical information, writing commentary, and abundant photos. As the publisher has noted, “… the authors discuss their life as a writer and explore some of the books they have written for young people. They provide wonderful insights for students into ways in which they have organized their time, selected material to write about, and solved some of the challenges of writing.” 

How fun for me to see 2 of my clients involved in the first 4 books in this series. First, the amazing Ralph Fletcher who is the subject of one of the AUTHOR AT WORK books, and Sherry Shahan who shot the cover photo of Nikki Grimes' book.

Poet on!

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