Monday, February 22, 2010

Pimp My Novel: 11,000 Rejections on the Wall, 11,000 Rejections

Pimp My Novel: 11,000 Rejections on the Wall, 11,000 Rejections

Another fantastic blog to follow, and a wonderfully inspiring Monday post!

A short excerpt...We've talked about the long odds in this industry from time to time, bros and she-bros, and so I thought I'd use this Monday morning to 1.) give you a realistic idea of how difficult it is to get your work published, and 2.) relate an inspirational, true story of one man, his 100+ published short stories, and his, uh... 11,100 rejections.

Late addition to this post (2/24/2010) SLUSH PILE QUEEN from Publisher's Weekly. Another--keep persisting heart warmer.

Here's a excerpt... In all, I have sold books by more than 40 writers found among the unsolicited submissions, sales made to heavy hitters at major houses: Crown, Dell, Doubleday, Holt, NAL, Putnam, Random House, S&S, Scribner, St. Martin's, Viking, Wiley, and others. Some of these deals brought in hefty six-figure advances. Several were in the high five figures—and most books earned handsome royalties.


  1. Whoa. Okay, I feel better about my rejection file folder now.

  2. If you didn't have a rejection file folder, you wouldn't be a writer:)

  3. It's a little harder these days with so much going electronic. I have to print the things out.



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