Friday, January 1, 2010


I am often asked, how does a writer go about finding an agent. Here is a short list of sites I compiled for the SCBWI Agent Workshop I held in Bakersfield, CA last fall:

Websites for researching Agents

AgentQuery :

Absolute Write:

Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents Blog

Literary Rambles (Agent In-Depth Reviews)

Agent Research parts 1,2 & 3

Preditors and Editors:

For Kidlit  - SCBWI Blueboards:

Lots of agent interviews, vlogs, blogs, twitters, etc all over the net. Google them and have fun researching.

Here's to all of your publishing dreams coming true!

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  1. Agentquery is my all-time favorite! I'd also like to point out that is an excellent source of information, well organized. FWIW!

  2. I'm currently using in my search for an agent. It's wonderful! The other resources you mention are also quite helpful.

  3. The Literary Rambles site was new to me, but the agent spotlight feature is very helpful and comprehensive. Thanks for the tips!

  4. AgentQuery was where I found my agent. It's amazing how complete strangers create resourceful websites with free information that have helped me so much in my career--that's a mouthful, but I'm just showing my gratitude.

  5. Querytracker is another awesome site -- I've been using that along w/ Agentquery and Casey's blog to compile my list. Casey's Thursday spotlights are comprehensive, fun and informative.

  6. Timely post for me! Thank you so much for the links - some of them weren't on my radar, and they're going to be very useful in the coming month.

  7. Thanks for the shout-out, Jill!

    Chuck Sambuchino

  8. In case it's useful, I offer one of those mega collections of interview links for children's-YA agents here:

  9. Thanks for linking me again, Jill! With QueryTracker and Cynsations added to the list, I think you have all my favorite research haunts.

  10. I've been a moderator for two of the Absolute Write forums for years; their Bewares and Background Check forum is an excellent resource for finding out more about agents. Thanks for including it! :)

  11. Publishers Marketplace is also a great resource. Just $20 a month and you can see the full sales background.

  12. Publisher's Marketplace is fantastic but I know a lot of people don't want to spend the $240/year.

    I signed up for PM way before I was an agent, however, I understand that $240 can buy a couple of one-day SCBWI conferences, paper, ink, etc.

  13. It's wonderful! The other resources you mention are also quite helpful.

    Work From Home

  14. Wonderful post! I've been using QueryTracker, but I'll check out AgentQuery as well.

  15. Great list! I love Casey's Agent Spotlights and depend on them quite a bit when I'm querying.

    Also, I'm a fan of querytracker, but always double-check an agent on both querytracker and agentquery. Used together, these resources are invaluable!

  16. Awesome list, Jill! Thanks. Love Casey's blog too! You guys rock:)

  17. thanks for posting these. Literary Rambles (Casey McCormick's blog) has been invaluable for me lately. I like to search my genre in her handy tab, then I can find if agents mentioned it in interviews.

  18. Thanks for listing these great sources! I love the interviews on Literary Rambles.


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