Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Three interesting short articles in PW today. Man oh man, what will tomorrow, next week, next year bring?

1. Barnes & Noble Defends Its Turf
"...the nation’s largest bookseller held an investor conference this morning where it made its case for being well positioned to take advantage of its leading spot in traditional bookselling, its growing online sales and its expanding presence in the e-book market."

"Mass merchandisers sell only a fraction of the available titles, B&N said, noting that bookselling is a long tail business. Growth opportunities at the stores include the company's recently introduced educational games and toys as well as the entire children's and teen segment. "

2. B&N Sees Store Consolidation Ahead
"B&N is “highly confident” that the industry will consolidate over the next few years, COO Mitch Klipper said. “There are 1,500 superstores now, there won’t be 1,500 five years from now,” CFO Joe Lombardi added. (B&N has about 700 superstores). B&N estimates it has a 17% share of the bookselling market, a percentage that should increase as consolidation among competitors takes hold."

2. The Nook is B&N Top Seller
"The Nook has become the fastest selling single item at Barnes & Noble since the retailer introduced the e-reader October 20, company CEO Steve Riggio said in Tuesday morning’s investor presentation. Last week, Amazon reported that the Kindle was its fastest selling product in both unit and dollar terms. Neither company has disclosed the number of devices that have been sold and/or ordered, but B&N.com president William Lynch told analysts the company expects to get a “big chunk” of the 900,000 e-readers that some analysts believe will be sold over the holidays."

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