Monday, October 12, 2009

“More serious, angsty literature is where girls are right now. Morbid, dead-girl lit.”

Alloy Entertainment and young adult books:


  1. Sigh. I understand, but I'm pretty sure nothing about the world needs to be more angsty.

  2. So, I guess I'm glad the MC in my WIP croaks a few

  3. I don't guess becoming a Hare Krishna counts as 'angsty'...


  4. Kids are way too serious these days. They need to lighten up and laugh. . . a whole lot.
    Angst is for the birds.

  5. Well, all my girls (and boys) are alive and I'm keeping them that way. I do have serious themes. And I've got angst lightened up with nerdy weirdness; wonder if that will work?

  6. For every angst that must be penned, there is an element of fun. Find the fun, and snap! the angst is won!

    Ok, that was cheesy, but I don't care if I'm cheesy.

    Angst is understandable. Who didn't have a bit of angst within themselves in their teens? But teens are also funny, witty, adventurous, curious, and rebellious.

  7. Amber, I think you are right...cheesy and all.

    There has to be light and dark in books. Angst balanced by humor, and everything in between. Because life is neither all black nor all white.

  8. someone said today - death is the new life! ha!

  9. There is something beautiful and delicious about the dark side of things. To feel, touch, and taste the downward spiral through the magic of reading is one way to experience these things without actually having to.

    Not to mention that darkness attracts curious onlookers!

    - Julie



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