Thursday, March 5, 2009

#Queryfail Day on Twitter

#Queryfail Day on Twitter

Agent Colleen Lindsay has deemed today #Queryfail Day on Twitter. On her blog she writes:

Today is #Queryfail Day on Twitter, the first of what will probably become a monthly or semi-monthly experience. What is #Queryfail Day, you ask? * rubs hands together gleefully * A group of online agents, book editors and periodicals acquisition editors are posting about their queries in real time. The idea is to educate people about what exactly it is in a query that made us stop reading and say "Not for me." We're being very careful not to include personal identifiers of any kind. The idea isn't to mock or be intentionally cruel, but to educate.

To follow the ever growing queryfail tweets click here!
What a fantastic opportunity to see what works and doesn't work in a query letter. Enjoy!

Modified to add: Thanks Tara Lazar for your informative summation of today's #Queryfail.


  1. #queryfail is great.

    I don't need it myself, I've actually researched and learned what to do and not to do, but it's funny seeing how bad some queries still are!

  2. I just read Tara's summary. Funny and informative at the same time!!

  3. I love your query letter post. Very helpful, thank you!

  4. cpongrads Jill - I think you'll be great at this - will you keep blogging?

  5. Yes, Shelli....the blog goes on:)



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