Monday, February 9, 2009


The economy is in a tailspin but publishers must buy manuscripts if they want to sell books. do you write the book that a publisher will not only invest in but attain a positive ROI?

First and foremost, you write the best darn book you can write....but you already knew that. Join a critique group, go to conferences and retreats, and read, read, read!

From around the cyber-horn comes home-run advice for all of us in the publishing industry. (Excuse the baseball-lingo but I have 2 boys in baseball and my world is currently bats, balls and bases.)

Writer and Editor Jane Smith tells us to Do Your Research.

Waxman Literary Agency's Holly Root reveals the Recipe for Success? High Concept.

WordServe Literary's Rachelle Gardner gets straight to the point in her post Ask the Agent: Writing in Multiple Genres. Here's an excerpt but read the entire post for an excellent explanation about branding for writers.
"Can I write books in multiple genres and expect to build a successful publishing career? No."

For more information and discussion about branding see my previous post, Branding for Writers, Revisited.

And finally, Editor Alan Rinzler shares, "Self-confidence is the single most essential ingredient an author needs to succeed, since good writing is never that quick or easy." Read his post, How Successful Writers Keep Up Their Self-Confidence for hands-on advice on what you can do to keep your writer's hat stuck on straight.

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  1. Thanks for all these links, Jill.

  2. Jill, this is awesome!! What a great compilation of important links. Thanks so much!

  3. "Can I write books in multiple genres and expect to build a successful publishing career? No."

    Unless you're Kevin Henkes1

  4. At the end of her post, Rachelle says: Of course, I expect you to bombard me in the comments with all the “exceptions” to this rule. Fire away, I’m ready.

    I'm looking forward to reading Rachelle's readers comments as well as Rachelle's responses.

  5. Great post! So many good reminders for me. Great links too,

  6. Great advice and great resources/links!


  7. Rena, Ello, Douglas, Christina and Christy--so glad you found them helpful.

    I'm amazed at the generosity of thought among publishing professionals. We are all very lucky:)

  8. Touche'
    You save the day.
    I get
    to write
    my favorite way,
    and hope
    a house
    to pay!
    My brand
    is rhyme
    that's how I play.
    Oh What a Day!

  9. Jill--I've only just realised that you've linked to me in your sidebar AND one of your blog posts. Thank you so much--one would be kind, but both are wonderful!

    (I write the How Publishing Really Works blog, by the way.)



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