Wednesday, February 4, 2009

THE POTTY-an original poem

Sometimes you write a poem that you know will not fit into any of your children's poetry collections but just makes you laugh.

There you sit, big and wide,
Waiting for me to put something inside.
Uh uh. Forget it. I’m not climbing on.
You’ll take all my insides and then they’ll be gone.
I don’t want a sticker, a star or a treat,
I just want to go standing here on my feet.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll give you a try
But today it’s too late.
I think you know why.
© Jill Corcoran 2009


  1. Oh my god this is hysterical!

  2. And while I'm here, I have a question, Jill.

    I see lots of poets put their unpubbed poems on their blogs. Is this because they've been unable to sell them and have quiet trying or because they never planned on selling them at all or because it's not a problem to publish a poem online and still sell it to a publication?

    I was always under the impression that once it showed up online it was considered to be published and therefore unsaleable.

    I only ask because I have an awesome poem about farts that I'd love to share, but someday I'd like to include it in a book of poems. Working title--Poetry for the Locker Room.

  3. Jill, I love it! It sounds like you overheard the thoughts of my currently toilet-training son.

  4. Funny how you write a poem about what we are going through at our house. :-)

  5. That should be "quit." Man, I hate typos, especially whn there mne.

    P.S. I went ahead and put the fart poem on my blog anyway. Couldn't help myself.

  6. I cannot wait to read this to Captain "my poop on floor, Mama" Destructo!

  7. Thanks Paul, Candace, Amber and Jacqui.

    Paul, I guess I don't worry that posting my poems will preclude me from publishing them should the opportunity arise. Plus, I have an arsenal of equally wonderful:) poems waiting in the wings.

  8. Every mom can relate (and giggle) to this poem!

  9. Brings back memories, especially of my eldest. Great poem!

  10. Thanks, Kelly and Katterly.

    I had to deal with it 3 times.

    What worked for me....Popsicles in the Bath! Yup, you read that right. I would sit them down right before they went in the bath and if they 'did their thing' they got to eat popsicles in the bath. I have a boy and a girl 17 months apart so I we had a potty-training-double-header:) It worked. By the time my third went through it, they all got popsicles if he 'did his thing'--sibling peer pressure:)

  11. Very funny! And takes me back to the potty-training days. (I have four kids!)

  12. Thanks, Barrie.

    I love your book trailer for I SO DON'T DO MYSTERIES. The rhino's have me completely intrigued:)

  13. I love, love, love this. It's hilarious! It sounds so like what must go on in a child's head.


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