Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CAMOUFLAGED-an original poem

I dream of a world of peace, equality and love. May 2009 be the year my dream comes true.

Camouflaged in
Army greens
United States Sergeant Jesus Martinez
Cruises along Baghdad streets
Feared by enemies
Embraced by Iraqi citizens
Proud missionary of justice, equality and freedom.

Camouflaged in
A t-shirt and jeans
United States Sergeant Jesus Martinez
Cruises along Beverly Hills streets
Feared by shopkeepers
Mistrusted by Anglo citizens
Impatient for his next Tour of Duty.
© Jill Corcoran 2009


  1. "Old soldiers never die.
    Young ones do."
    What happened to psychedelic Jill?

  2. I was trying the real me on for size. Not sure which one I want to stick with. What'cha think?

  3. I think you can go with the new one. With the shades you look like an Italian movie star, or better yet director.

  4. well I do direct my characters.....now if I can figure out what I want my characters in my wip to do I'd be golden.

  5. Wow! That is a thought-provoking poem, Jill! Love the new pic too!


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