Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Agent Jessica Faust of Bookends is one of my daily go-to sites. Click on the link below to see why. Thanks Jessica:)

BookEnds, LLC — A Literary Agency: Attitude Matters


  1. Thanks Jill. But whenever I read this sort of thing, I wonder who ARE these obnoxious authors they complain about? I don't know anyone that clueless. Unless their definition of pain-in-the-ass is different from mine?

  2. Debbie, I worked in real estate for a short time. I would meet clients who were lovely, kind, even-keeled.
    However, when the pressure was on and an inspector would suddenly determine that their roof was leaking or their house was termite infested, those people turned ugly. Maybe a disappointing cover, a less than expected marketing plan or a pushed back launch date brings out the ugly in some people. Or maybe it is the forgetting where they came from that turns their tide. I don't know but I can bet that you and I are not the turning kind:)

  3. This is so true, for any industry. When I worked in sales, I remember bending over backwards to please a particularly demanding, rude client. He was a real pain and I felt like I he was taking advantage of me. I made exceptions for him, threw in extras, and in every case, he was still full of complaints. My boss then gave me this gem of wisdom, "If a deal starts out badly, it's probably going to end badly." That may be a pessimistic perspective, but what I've learned is that if someone is difficult to deal with, they are always difficult. They don't suddenly change for the better. You want to do business with pleasant people. You can make your wishes known without offending other people or taking advantage of them. Mean people suck.

  4. Yes they do, Tara!
    That is why I love the children's lit community. So much kindness and generosity.



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