Friday, November 14, 2008


Favorite Poetry Read Alouds
I am finally joining the fabulous blogathon known as POETRY FRIDAY!

My twist: I am going to blog about my favorite poetry books for teachers, librarians, and parents to read aloud to children.

As I mentioned in one of my previous Poetry in the Classroom posts, it is easier to keep a child or a class of students engaged in poetry when we read from fully illustrated books. By holding up a beautiful illustration, it will keep students' eyes on you and help them connect more of their senses with the poem and/or lesson.

Every poem and every poet letter in this book is a gift to children and adults alike.

Today I want to highlight WONDERFUL WORDS: POEMS ABOUT READING, WRITING, SPEAKING, AND LISTENING, compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins and illustrated by Karen Barbour.

In this stunning book, 15 poets share their creative vision on topics ranging from Finding a Poem to The Period. Poets include: Emily Dickinson, Eve Merriam, Pat Mora, David McCord, Ann Whitford Paul, Tom Robert Shields, Patricia and Fredrick McKissack, Rebecca Kia Dotlich, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Karla Kuskin, Nikki Grimes, Alice Shertle, Heidi Roemer, Carl Sandburg and Richard Armour.

In the summer of 2007, Lee Bennett Hopkins read Pat Mora's WORDS FREE AS CONFETTI to 1,000 children's writers at the SCBWI Annual Summer Conference. We all sat in awe, not only of the words floating into our collective souls but the delightful illustration that made our hearts sing. This collection is a treat for children as young as first grade as well as students in high school and beyond.

So far, two more books have grown out of WONDERFUL WORDS:
  • In February, 2009, Ann Whitford Paul's poem WORLD BUILDER will be published by Simon & Schuster as a picture book.
  • And in 2011, Holiday House will publish another of Bennett's collections, I AM THE BOOK, named for Tom Robert Shield's poem by the same name and included in WONDERFUL WORDS. My poem, PIRATES, will be one of the 14 poems Bennett is including in I AM THE BOOK.

For more Poetry Friday, visit Yat-Yee Chong for this week's Poetry Friday Round-Up.


  1. I love this take on Poetry Friday! Thanks.

  2. Thanks Jacqui.
    This is going to be fun!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll be checking them out.

  4. Yat-Yee,
    Thank you for hosting Poetry Friday.

  5. These all look like great books, Jill. Congratulations on your poem being chosen for the collection.



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