Friday, November 28, 2008


Many writers are multi-talented and can write in a variety of genres. Yet, there is a strong school of thought that advises writers to BRAND themselves, to establish a writing persona. In short, writers provide readers with 'expected' material, and in turn, readers keep coming back for more. Conclusion: Branding leads to loyal readers which leads to stronger sales.

When I was earning my MBA in Marketing and Finance at the University of Chicago, I learned that branding was a strong component of successful marketing. Later in my years at Leo Burnett Advertising, LA Gear, Mattel and in my own company, LAUNCH! New Product Marketing, branding was a goal for each product and for the company as a whole. One of my favorite books on the topic is Al Ries and Jack Trout's POSITIONING: THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND.

Today, editor turned agent Chip MacGregor posted about Branding for Writers. I think in this increasingly competitive book environment, MacGregor's post is a good primer for writers and illustrators alike. Enjoy!


  1. This discussion reminds me of my days in art school, when I was intent on developing a style. I looked at what everyone else was doing—and that was a spectrum—and purposely set out to do something unrelated. What I finally learned, however, was that style is the artist himself. What I produce is a result of who I am.

  2. Just like voice for writers.
    t howell, your art is breathtaking! We are all lucky that you found your own style.

  3. Gosh ... thanks, Jill.
    Yes, I think you're right: voice. But I think too, that voice becomes sensitive to the needs of the book, the way one can change vocal expression according to content and purpose, and yet still sound like oneself.
    I've bookmarked your site, and have already benefited from the advice and links you post. Thanks!


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